Yoga, which means to concentrate, is a method of controlling the body and mind and can be used as a disciplined method of attaining a goal. Hatha Yoga focuses on Physical and Breathing Exercises which assist in maintaining inner peace.

Some of the practices which we teach in HATHA YOGA are:

  • Sun Salutation (Suryanamaskar)
  • Asanas (Proper Exercise)
  • Pranayama (Proper Breathing)
  • Savasana and Makarasana (Proper Relaxation Technique)
  • Meditation (Proper Positive Thinking)
  • Kiya (Proper Purification Process)
  • Power Yoga (Fitness Based Practice)

Who Can Attend?

We offer private or group classes for corporates, individuals, teachers, school children and factory workers.


It can be corporate offices, schools, apartment community halls, factories or our training area at BMC.